Family raped and murdered little boy

Caution, the following video is extremely disturbing and will definitely make you extremely angry. I am not posting this video for kicks and giggles. Far too often do we sweep “taboos” under the rug in our society and people become victims of such crimes because of it. The news is depressing so we turn it off but maybe after watching this we will realize that not only do we need to turn it on. We need to be aware of the people in our communities; particularly sex offenders who have a habit of striking again. Having these types of dialogues may save a child’s life. Be safe and God Bless!

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6 Responses to “Family raped and murdered little boy”

  1. Sai WORD Says:

    This is extremely sad, but it’s also an eye opener. We need to be more aware of our neighbors. Everyone is so focused on looking out for “self” these days, and while that is necessary, we need to re-evaluate and strengthen what it means to be a community. I find it hard to believe that NOBODY in that neighborhood knew that man had a history of child molestation. Somebody should’ve said something, hopefully next time someone will and another situation like this can be avoided altogether.

  2. sethandray Says:

    It’s possible that this guy slipped through the cracks (there are plenty in the criminal justice center) but I would like to believe that the system did their best, which isn’t saying much anyway. But I disagree with the “senior legal analyst” when she says sex offenders can’t be “cured” or rehabilitated. We don’t put the resources into getting these individuals the help they need (sometimes it’s Jesus) because we don’t believe they are worth it. Furthermore, I don’t know that in this case if the neighborhood people knew a sex offender was in the area it would have prevented the crime, as his father and the child’s mother were involved. This is just a sick group of people in truly what is a sick world.

  3. sbrooke Says:

    This is heartbreaking…..I have to agree with Sai, I cannot believe that no one in that community knew about that mans history of being a child sex offender. As a community we need to be more involved and aware….grow and work together! I mean….teachers, friends, other parents didn’t recognize ANYTHING??!!! That’s just really hard and sad to believe.

  4. Dillenger Says:

    ONE WORD…GUILLOTINE. Auction Blocks @ High Noon at County Court House like they do for Automobilies and Houses.

  5. basslover72 Says:

    I have to say that although this man is a horrible person, I think more responsibilty and light should be placed on the parents. As I’m reading the comments above, although completely valid, seem to forget that these people did this to their own son. It’s disgusting and I hope these people get the maximum sentence.

  6. CHI Says:

    I agree that the analyst was incorrect in saying that child molesters can not be cured. If you haven’t been presented with an opportunity for therapy, how can someone say they can’t be helped? Sexual abuse, like any form of abuse, runs in cycles. The abuser was abused. If the problem isn’t addressed early on then we end up seeing tragedies like this one.

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