Pardon me

Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105

Short and sweet but very potent. The Lord’s word is the light for our paths. Interesting that the scripture says the word is a lamp for my feet. This implies to me that we can not always see exactly where we are going but with the lamp being at our feet we are able to see the pitfalls and prayerfully side step them. While talking to a good friend then the other day she spoke of how confused she was and that she had gotten herself into a bit of a mess. The Lord’s word which serves as a lamp at her feet allows her to keep moving despite the darkness that surrounds her. We can find wisdom and guidance in the word if we just believe in the principles that are laid out before us.

Notice I am referring to the word; not necessarily the doctrine or as we like to call it in law school, the dicta that many preachers and pastors give us. I for one have seen churches that have all types of rules, traditions, and interpretations of the word that have turned myself and many of my friends off. Then we lose out when we do not go to church, we miss out on the fellowship we can share amongst strangers in the presence of the Lord. Scarface said once “Sitting here watching the days pass us by, waiting on the message from the reverend and he ain’t but another man trying to get to heaven”. I don’t think Scarface meant any disrespect toward the church or towards pastors who we revere in our communities. I do think however he was challenging us to get to know the word ourselves, to build a relationship with the Creator ourselves. The Lord’s word is the light for our path, the lamp at our feet that allows us to keep moving towards the greatest good that he has for us. I want to believe in my heart with no doubt that whatever path the Lord has me on even if it looks shaky, that this is the path to my ultimate greatness. I pray that you desire to have that belief as well so that you can reach your greatest good. Peace and Grace be unto you!

Knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.


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7 Responses to “Pardon me”

  1. e4unity Says:

    Native Son,

    I love it, your words and the fact that the Word of God is our ever-present light (help), especially when we are getting ourselves into a mess (again).

    My first visit to your blog but it won’t be the last. You mentioned law school, and the metaphor is perfect. If only we understood that Holy Scripture was much much more than a law book. It’s all about Him, the living Word, and our best chance of understanding the Book is to see it through Him.

    God bless my new found Brother.

    John Paul Todd

  2. bcuzicare Says:

    Awesome Principles!! In the beginning was the “WORD”, and the “WORD” was with God, and the “WORD” was God. St. John 1:1 JESUS IS THE WORD!!

  3. nativenotes Says:

    yea we have to get back to the word…. there is so much wisdom to be attained

  4. Ma'at Says:

    You know I rarely reply to the pardon me’s but this one really touched
    a nerve, specifically your reasoning for the lamp being at our feet.
    “We can not always see excactly where we are going but with the lamp
    being at our feet we are able to see the pitfalls and prayerfully side
    step them.” Just to build on that, if the lamp were at our eyes and
    not at our feet, would we move forward? That is, if we really knew
    what was to come would we continue on our journey? God
    puts the lamp at our feet to protect us from our own fear and doubt.
    Personally I know for a fact that had God placed the lamp near my eyes
    I would not be where I am and who I am today.

    Just my thoughts.

  5. Golden Child Says:

    Powerful message my brother. You definitly spoke so much truth. So often people are turned off by what they may here a preacher in the church say or someone randomly preaching the gospel on the streets. If we as a people read the word and asked for understanding of the word from the Lord, then we would never be in those situations were we are being led astray by someone who says the know the word but really may not. It is up to us to open the good book and get all that it has to offer us. This is a big part in building a relationship with our creator. I remember in one of my darkest times, i found myself heavily reading the bible and needless to say, that kept me focused and protected me from so much. God definitly is good, ALL THE TIME.

  6. sbrooke Says:

    Plain & simple is right….that verse is something I think about often.

    Okay, so how I look at it is like this….Would you like to have to find your way alone through a dark forest at night without any light? I mean, what would you think of someone who had a light, but simply did not take it along (slowness…right?). We need the light of God’s word to guide our steps along a safe path in a dark and dangerous world.

    Without this light we cannot find our way. Many, however, make absolutely no use of this light of life that God has given them (I’m not pointing the figure here…I fall guilty of this too). They (We) are like people driving their car at night without turning the headlights on (risking your life and others). And what about someone who goes into the forest at night, takes his/her flashlight along, but without batteries? These are people who have a Bible, but never read it. Of what value is a lamp without oil, or a flashlight without batteries? For a long walk, we even need spare batteries! I remember reading this story in the bible when Jesus told the story of five
    foolish virgins who took their lamps to meet the bridegroom at night, but without taking extra oil. There was oil in their lamps, but they had no reserves. At the crucial moment, their lamps started going out. These are people who have a little knowledge of God’s word, but not enough to reach the goal.

    I’m not trying to come off preachy, because this something I deal with myself. We have to use what we got! Be prepared and help others grow as well as ourselves. You’ve started something by jus sending these
    “pardon me’s” out.

    Thank you for sending this out.

  7. nativenotes Says:

    I just want to say thank you to everyone who comment on the pardon me messages specifically. With all the other stuff that goes on here, you might not know that the reason this blog started is because of these Pardon me messages.

    I am not normally this sharing with my thoughts, struggles and views on life and spirituality. However, I feel God is guiding me to use his word in my life and hopefully have an open dialogue with my peers about his word so hence we have the Pardon me – Spiritual Exercise aspect of this blog. Today was the first day that a Pardon me message was the top post. Let’s continue to teach other in the Lord’s name! 1

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