written by the lovely Ma’at

Words mean nothing
Confined by the speaker

In Spoken form
Words Cause your ears to Bleed
They call you a Nigger
They deleted your past from your present through Spoken Word
Taught you to love his Word and forget your own
They took your language so you lost your power
Power to speak
Power to communicate
Power to grow as a people

In Written Form
Words are a weapon
Blinding light, truth, way
Don’t read!!!
Remain, Ignorant to our reality
Our reality as Black people in America
Black people in the world
Stricken with poverty, beaten, crippled
Our women raped of their womanhood
Our men raped of their manhood
Our children raped of their innocence

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
the key to your freedom
Do not be a slave to your vocabulary

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