Life and Times of a Law Student

Law School Blues
I hate to scare you
But to tell you the truth
Come September
You’ll have the law school blues

Oh, trust me its true
A 1L in law school
Equals the law school blues

Reading for civ pro
Language you don’t know
Think like a lawyer they’ll tell you
Law school blues is definitely going to get you

Torts is bizarre
Cases galore
The things people do
Then have the nerve to sue for
You think you can write
I assure you that you cannot
Your legal writing professor
Will fill your paper with red marks

Crim law is cool
Just like the real world
Sex drugs and murder is all that occurs
But don’t lose faith
You’ll make it through
How do I know?
Cus I’ve got the law school blues too!

Cedric D. Shine
1L Penn State Dickinson School of Law


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One Response to “Life and Times of a Law Student”

  1. CLC Says:

    Not sure if I should laugh or cry on your behalf, but…errr..umm..I think have a chuckle at your expense. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL . Tip: Next time use black paper. Then, those red marks won’t be so obvious! 🙂

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