Just My Thoughts

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Just My Thoughts

As the days turn and the clock spins I wonder what’s the struggle

What’s the plight for black men?

Are we to to fade off, lost in the abyss?

Or rise strong like our ancestors did

Kings or Pharaohs

On TV sometimes we act like the emperor with no clothes



More like excited

Cause damn are we clever

I walk into a classroom

Black as ever

My skin I can’t hide from

My struggles … CAN Rise from

I read the papers

See the news

It looks like I’m on the losing team

5 blacks shot last night

Over shoes that we use for hoop dreams

I want to be like Malcolm

No dead that I am Malcolm

The Resurrection of such

He was just a man and I refuse to give up

So I travel this earth ready for our rebirth

Black men the sleeping giant

At times we are both David and Goliath

So turn the TV off, turn the radio down

Black Men …. The Kings of this Nation




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One Response to “Just My Thoughts”

  1. SJP Says:

    I pray that black men realize their strength and their potential to be the kings black women know they are and need them to be.

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