Man Gives Away AIDS

The following video is very disturbing; please proceed with caution! I pray that we can have a productive dialogue about this very serious issue that is affecting people of all colors and ethnicities. While I sit here watching this video in disgust, I hope that it is a joke to awake the masses of people engaging in unprotected sex. Please pass this video along because this type of reckless behavior can affect and infect each and every one of our lives.


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12 Responses to “Man Gives Away AIDS”

  1. sethandray Says:

    After viewing this, I honestly think that he’s only doing this to prove a point. I think it’s a fear tactic and that he actually didn’t infect any of those women he named on the list. I pray to God that’s the case. At the same time, what he is talking about it real. Both men and women need to be careful more than ever. Diseases are real and they affect real people. It’s not worth a few minutes of pleasure to have to live with a horrible disease which can kill you, or ruin any future relationships that you would hope to have. It’s crazy out there. Just save it for marriage. geeze.

  2. nativenotes Says:

    Definitely, I pray he is doing this as a scare tactic. However, I feel this video needs to be seen by men and women of all colors. Like its just to easy for tens of thousands of people to be infected because of the careless reckless acts of the few who purposely infect hundreds of people.

  3. baltimoreTactics Says:

    very seldom do i shed tears… however by the end of this i was a wreck. whether or not he really did this horrific act, it put face value on what is really happening in not only the black community, but any demographic in middle to lower class communities. unfortunately the aids pandemic may just be in its early stage. just like any disease or living thing it can adapt to new environments and change its behavior. just imagine a world where hiv/aids can be spread by casual kissing or even dry body contact. what if someone infected sneezed in an elevator and put everyone else at risk? if you are sexually ctive at all, you should frequesnt the clinics every 90 days and get tested.

  4. pam Says:

    This is soooo scary, if its a scare tactic, it worked….I dont think its real though because if he was honestly honking his horn and females were flocking, how would he even know their last names? Apparently someone else said this man is synonmous on youtube for making other controversial videos. In any effect, this is something that could very well happen. In fact in the early 90s, there was this situation i vaguely remember when a HIV+ man infected women in NYC night clubs by pricking them with an infected needle. Either way, whether these women this sick man named really exist or not, if you’re going to have sex, use a condom.

  5. renee' Says:

    after viewing this video i phoned a friend and asked her to look up the video also. i think its very sad for a person to do something like this regardelss of whether he’s trying to scare someone or not. what if it is a scare tactic and one of those young ladies takes it serious and hurts herself? if it is real however i pray for all the young ladies that names were called. this aids/hiv thing is real young people–please be careful out there. protect yourselves and have the upmost respect for yourself. young ladies if he can’t wrap it up then he ain’t worth it ma. God Bless U All!!

  6. nativenotes Says:

    u know this video right here is the most viewed item on this entire blog. Ive learned two things from this fact. a. controversy sells. b. people watch it, their disgusted by it but they dont say anything about it. like this man is sick and I pray he is joking but if he is not. cant we find a way to alert the authorities and them find this dude via his ip address or something. just like the little kids story, we have to start addressing these taboos before they come up and claim our own families.

  7. ashley johnson Says:

    I really hope that the man that made this video will rot in hell for the rest of his natural born life and his eternal life. This man does not deserve to to live another day on this earth. I would really appreciate if he just volunteer to jump in front of a bus and get hit or better yet drive his jaguar off of a bridge and suffer the most painful death that god can issue out to his dirty @$$. Thank u fro reading.

  8. B LO Says:

    I received this You Tube Link from a friend and was so disturbed that i posted it in a bulletin in and It is so scary that someone can infect people on purpose because he feels his life is worthless. I can see the motive, but like the other person said, why cant the authorities track this man down and justice be served. Their are a billion people online and if he really infected 15,000, it is being spread quickly………….please, i hope this is not really true…We need to rap it up for real.

  9. Leo Says:

    i was listening to the radio a few months ago (100.3 The Beat) and the host had people call in and tell about their break-ups. A guy called in and said his girlfriend infected him with AIDS and he was trying to pass it on to other women. I can remember a FEW times listening to Wendy Williams (don’t judge me) when women called in and said their HUSBANDS infected them with HIV or AIDS. Whether he’s playing or not, there are people out their that truly think like this. The solution? hhhmmmmmm

  10. nativenotes Says:

    yea its crazy man. and noone is judging anyone for listening to wendy cus philly radio sucks. when i was out there it was either wendy or michael baisden in the late afternoon

  11. CHI Says:

    There really are no words. This video is scary but it is sobering. Obviously it is reprehensible what he’s doing (if he is NOT joking). Yeah the authorities need to follow-up on this guy. But something has to be said about what exactly is going on with young teenage girls now days. When I was in the 8th grade I remember a few grils who had gotten pregnant. That was over 25 years ago. I think most people know that a lot of girls end up getting pregnant by men much older than they are. I’m not trying to make a case against women, I’m a woman. My concern is what’s happening in our homes? I have watched young girls today and how conscious they are of their bodies and their appearance. How they flirt with their eyes when they talk to a guy. What is going on where they have become so increasingly aggressive about their sexuality? Is there sexual abuse going on in the home, or by some other trusted adult? What is going on? Is sex worth losing your life for?

  12. JSmoke Says:

    This video seems fake like that letter supposedly from the KKK that makes the rounds on the Internet. Too many references to “beautiful Black and Latino women”. However, it needs to be taken seriously. There is way too much loose sexual behavior displayed by young women, from walking around with low-rider jeans and no drawers on showing the cracks of their (oftentimes ugly, stretch marked and blotchy) butts so that the small of the back tatoo can be seen, to having sex with a bunch of losers who should die virgins. Maybe something good will come of this.

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