Youth’s SPEAK!

Youth’s SPEAK! is one of the many new additions that will be added to the blog in the upcoming weeks. Our children provide such a wealth of knowledge in respect to all walks of life. We stand to learn a lot from them, if we ourselves would choose to listen.

The following video is a clip of young high school students speaking about our hopeful future President Barack Obama. These you students amazed me with their knowledge and their ability to articulate their thoughts on such topics. Pass this video on, let’c continue to support our youth, they are our most valuable asset!


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2 Responses to “Youth’s SPEAK!”

  1. 35% Off..... Says:

    Hurcules Hurcules!! Sherman Sherman Sherman (clapping) Yes I can!!!!

    This is the most political information I have listened to since all that stuff started. I can’t get caught up in the hype and I just am not into politics period.

    But to see these young people become inspired is amazing. One day I hope to have a teen speak in my community because they have a lot to say. I want to let businesses know that we need to support these young adults because they are the future, be it scholarships, jobs, turtoring, mentoring, what ever the community can do to help them be successful in life, a lot of kids drop out of college just because they cant afford it we would have more doctors and politicians and teachers if people just start to support the youth.

    On a political view I realize and I hope these young kids realize that its not up to the government to help them. Its about helping yourself and not looking to be saved or looking for a handout. If you gotta work then work, if you need to live with 10 people to afford college then do that!!! don’t be forever stuck in a mind set that the white house is going to make it all better only you yourself can make it better!!

  2. Shelia Says:

    Thank you for posting. This is the first time I’ve seen this.

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