Inspirational Song of the day


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3 Responses to “Inspirational Song of the day”

  1. Roop Says:

    I’ve heard that song years ago, but it never spoke to me the way it did today. Peace and blessings in abundance to you and this NativeNotes website cause us “soon to be old heads” need a source of inspiration; especially from our peers and like minded folk. A change gon come! Ball’s in our court, enough time is on the shot clock, still we at the line shooting 2, Let’s make it happen now before it’s crunch time.


  2. Golden Child Says:

    Yo that song is definitly an insiration to me at many times. Often i sit on the train heading to work and look at all those around me going through so much and Im only aware of what Im going through at the time. But by the look in other faces you can tell there situation isnt that much different from mine. Sam Cooke stay in the ipod and in the ears, like the Lords word in my heart, ya dig.

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