Read a Book

Very interesting clip, it’s funny but in the same breath it is not meant to be funny. It is meant to mock the consumerism of our culture and widespread ignorance that can often be found over a tight beat. Comments please!


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3 Responses to “Read a Book”

  1. Amayel's Notes Says:

    This video should be seen as a wake up call. Too many of the issues the video touches on are so true, it’s not even funny!

  2. sethandray Says:

    lol. I watched this video about 3 times. It reminds me of why I love stand-up comedy so much. You can talk about serious issues while still being funny and sometimes it has a better effect than hearing a lecture. Very thougthful and funny. I don’t know how you find this stuff. “yo body needs water, so drink that s***!” haha.

  3. lildeemar Says:

    This video is the 21st Century’s rendition of everything Booker T. Washington and (the early days of) WEB DuBois stood for.

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