Quote of the day

There have been several quotes of the day this week however none of them have been statements made by women. I would like to take this time out to acknowledge Ida B. Wells, a staunch activist who rallied against lynchings and other atrocities faced by African Americans at the turn of the century. Her words below reflect the time period, I believe now these same words are what will affect change when we begin to look at the white man’s pocket as a symbolic term for institutionalized capitalism. When we can leave behind our consumer ways and attack the pockets of the powers that be we can create change, the change we have desired for so long.


The appeal to the white man’s pocket has ever been more effectual than all the appeals ever made to his conscience.
– Ida b. Wells


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One Response to “Quote of the day”

  1. sethandray Says:

    And that is why I say excellence is a deterrent to discrimination not racsim. If your excellence is marketable and profitable (Oprah!) then you will see a world of doors open to you. Keep up the good work.


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