Pardon me 2/12/2008

February 12, 2008

Pardon me for slacking last week with my daily words, or daily scripture. At times we all get knocked off our horse or we just lose our drive for a hot second and then the Lord brings us back. Its funny because everyday that I don’t send an email, I’m thinking about sending the email but I just never get around to it, definitely laziness but possibly more of an internal struggle within ones self.

Today I received this word and while it was very short it was right on time……..

The Lord called to Adam, WHERE ARE YOU? Genesis 3:9

A friend of mine hit me with these words and he said God may be asking where are you because he has an assignment for each and every one us. He has these assignments for us, so he tests us to make sure we can bear the load. So when he was asking where am I this morning, he had already sensed that I was not where I may have been a few months ago. That by a small gesture of just sending out an email with his word could be part of the larger assignment. I pray that you have a good day, and if the message speaks to you then pray and ask the Lord what is his assignment for you! Grace and Peace be unto you.

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