Pardon me

March 5, 2008

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” – Proverbs 19:21

What is your calling, what are your dreams; what is the ambition inside of you that drives your desires?  Are plans in a man’s heart the equivalent of thoughts in one’s mind. Often we have many notions of how life “should be”, how “we should” be treated. However, when these thoughts of ours do not manifest in our lives we become disengaged. We become disengaged with the process of achieving these goals and can become sincerely impatient. Well the scripture baffles me because I have two entirely different understandings of it, are the plans in my heart wrong or am I too impatient to receive the proper understanding?

First Thought: We may believe in plans that we have created for ourself but some of those plans may not be our destiny. We may have a different calling that we are fighting, however the Lord, our Creator has a purpose for our lives and he will prevail. So we must not become too involved in what we “think” is right for us, we must allow our God Given talents and the purpose that he has for us to reign supreme.

Second thought:  But then I see it as, my heart is connected to my soul, it’s the base of my understanding, so the plans of my heart guide me. If I am in touch with the Lord, and have accepted the Creator into my heart and soul, then our plans won’t be too far from each other. So then what about when those plans and my ideas do not match up with what is happening in my life? Does this mean that my ideas are different from the Lord’s purpose for me? Hmmm, at a first glance maybe, but then I think of the trials and tribulations we must endure to get to our dreams. Those plans remain steadfast within our hearts, the purpose that the Lord has for us may not be revealed immediately. Some say patience is a virtue, so we have to dream, we have to answer our calling and allow our ambitions to guide us. The plans in our hearts may be very well the Lord’s purpose for us. But as this earth wasn’t built in a day, neither will our dreams and aspirations. We must be still, use prayer, and truly plan with our heart in order to bring to form our purpose and or destiny. Peace and Grace be unto you!


There is so much to write about

To sing about, to shout about

In the Negro race!

On each page of history

America sees my face–

On each page of history

We leave a shining trace–

On each page of history

My race!

  My race!

          My race! ! !- Langston Hughes



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