Pardon me

March 4, 2008

The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands. Proverbs 14:1

Today it is 60 degrees in the middle of nowhere, I can’t help but have a good day with all this great weather. Interesting that this verse speaks of wisdom, what is the basis of wisdom and how does one achieve such a lofty title; to be considered wise? To me wisdom is a combination of knowledge gained through life’s experiences and also common sense which nowadays is not very common. We have all been the foolish one who tears our own house down with our own hands. We were foolish, yes, but we are even more foolish if we do not learn from these experiences. The wise woman can only build her house because she has been smart enough to pay attention to the other builders around her, she endeavored possibly to create a new way of building her home, but she could not do so without life’s experiences. So let’s not only learn from this scripture but let us learn from our mistakes. There is nothing worst than being the one who causes your own demise. Demise is a strong word but there is something grueling about feeling solely responsible for the strife that comes into your life. However, do not be bothered by these obstacles, for if we walk in the way of wisdom, in the way of the light, we will stumble during our foolish days and through those experiences we will gain knowledge and wisdom. It is then that we will be considered wise, it is then when we will build our house. And having taken the more scenic route our home will be something to marvel at, something to be proud of, because it will be our own creation. We must allow the creator to move mountains in our lives, and also give  us the strength to understand our mistakes so that in the future we can make the right decisions. Only then will we understand the hardship of experiences that went into building that home and we will appreciate it that much more, Peace and Grace be unto you!

Leave bad things, talk peace!


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