Pardon me

February 27, 2008

Who is he, this King of glory? The Lord Almighty — He is the king of glory! Psalm 24:10

Unto thee, O LORD, do I lift up my soul. O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me. Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed: let them be ashamed which transgress without cause. Psalm 25 1:3

My thoughts are in a flurry this morning so please bear with me. I read the first verse and at first it honestly didn’t say that much to me. So I read deeper, looked for context clues, I mean the verse was so obvious, I thought there has to be more. Then I read the second verse and it clicked for me but it clicked for different reasons. So who is he, like who really is thins King of Glory? This statement is two-fold for me, at a first glance i think of it in an adversarial way as if someone is challenging my belief, challenging my faith. And to that the second part is so correct, the almighty Lord of course for he is the King of Glory. But then re read it from a  different perspective. Who is this King of Glory, God, do you know him, are yall close? Because if you know him, would you do the things you do, would you say the things you say. Well how well do you know him, do you go the extra mile to build a relationship with him or are we just praying because tradition tells us so. Like who is he, what does he mean to you, and how can he benefit from your relationship with him. These are just my thoughts but to me the verse spoke volumes. is God just this mythical figure who I believe in because my beautiful Grandmother God rest her soul said so. She knew him, she knew him well, so well that when she was sick she wasn’t concerned about doctors. SHE PUT HER FAITH IN THE LORD. Today marks 14 years since my grandmother passed away and I remember when she died I immediately had all these questions. A lot of them biblical, because I knew that she would know, because she believed! Not in a mythical figure, no, she believed in the Lord Almighty, the King of Glory and in her  belief she made sure that she got to know him so that she could answer, WHO IS HE?

I am confused by all of this, so then I read on. Once again I think of someone challenging me when I read the second verse. The word says let me not be ashamed. Why is it that nowadays to be of God is frowned upon. Have we evolved as man that much that we have now become better than the Creator. Is it because of all the scandal within churches that people have lost their faith, did they ever really have faith, did they ever really know who he is? Daily we are tested and challenged as Christians about our faith, spirituality is mocked within the media and the commercialization of Christ has become a detriment. When I speak of commercialization I am speaking of capitalism, I am speaking of the currency some business people are earning in the Lord. Not based on the word but based in finding a quick buck, and while doing so polluting the masses with false representations of what it is to be spiritual. These are the things that are turning people off and making them question our faith. But so what! The word says do not be ashamed, lift your soul up to God and do not let the ways of your enemies triumph over you. Those who believe in God who want to get to know God, we should never be ashamed. Boastful neither, let us be humble knowing that we are the epitome of imperfection striving for direction in the way of the Creator. Peace and Grace be unto you!


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